MU Black History Month 2020

Black History Month

MU Black History Month 2020: Black Vote/Black Liberation

Black Vote/Liberation: The intersectional themes of black voting and liberation are complex and global for peoples of African descent. Indeed, issues related to the two-party system, proportional representation, Pan-African ideals, competing concepts of “democracy” have challenged any simple notions of what “black voting” signifies in 2020. Therefore, this year’s Black History Month Theme: Black Vote/Liberation celebrates the ongoing struggle for Black Liberation and its changing sociocultural and political patterns and migrations of Africa and throughout the Diaspora. Key aspects of the black liberation include but are not limited to: #mublackstudiesmatter50, #concernedstudent1950-2015, #blackstudies360, #5yearslater, #blackwomenssuffragematters

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