Expressions of (In)Visible Bodies: Afro-Latinx American Writers

Virtual Event

Dr. Guadalupe Pérez-Anzaldo and graduate students Ginna Salamán and Anyi Mosquera will share their work through research, teaching, and art. Dr. Pérez-Anzaldo will share her research on Afro-Latinx literature. Ginna will share her experience as a public school educator and the importance of including Afro-Latinx literature in the classroom. Anyi will share her creative writings.

This event highlights the importance of incorporating Afro-Latinx literature in higher education and public schools. Representations of the Black family encompass all of the Americas and the inclusion of African roots in Latinx literature has been excluded too long. This panel highlights the diverse voices of three women from different backgrounds that conduct research, teach, and write. Their work is a reflection of their personal experiences and their backgrounds.

Sponsor: Cambio Center, University of Missouri

Organizer: Verónica Pérez-Picasso,