Major in Interdisciplinary Studies with an Emphasis in Black Studies

Major Requirements

If you have questions regarding the Black Studies major or are interested in declaring the major, please contact Kibby Smith, Academic Advisor, at or schedule an appointment with her via MU Connect

Courses cross-listed with Black Studies receive Black Studies credit.

The Black Studies emphasis consists of thirty (30) credit hours.  There are four (4) core courses that constitute basic requirements for the major, one of which is a three (3) hour course that focuses on gender, race, sexuality, and class.  The major requires that the student complete a minimum of eighteen (18) hours including the capstone course.  Students must complete nine (9) hours from the list of approved Black Studies and cross-listed courses to complete the major.  Nine (9) of these hours must be in each of the four areas of concentration: Black Politics, Arts, Literature, and Culture, Africa and African Diaspora Studies, and Gender, Race, Sexuality & Class.

Specific requirements to be fulfilled

  1. Basic Requirements (12 credits):
    1. “Introduction to Black Studies” Course (BL_STU 1000)
    2. Traditions and Concepts in Black Studies (BL_STU-2975):
    3. Methodologies (BL_STU - 3977)
    4. Gender, Race, Sexuality and Class (BL_STU – 1700, 2700, 3700 or other approved course in from list of courses provided)
  2. In addition to the basic core requirements (above), students must complete at least one course from each of the following areas of concentration for NINE (9) credits: Black Politics, Arts, Literature, and Culture, and Diaspora Studies.
  3. Students must take a minimum of TWO (2) courses in their area of concentration for a total of SIX (6) credits.
  4. Senior Capstone in Black Studies (3) credits. (Suggested to be taken after completing Methodologies, but there is no prerequisite). Senior Capstone requirement may also be fulfilled by internship, study abroad or other alternative culminating project approved by Director of Undergraduate Study (with chair’s signature).

Major Policies

Students must:

  • Earn a grade of “C-” or better in all courses; Pass/Fail grades will not be accepted
  • Complete at least twenty-one (18) hours of twenty-four (21) hours from the basic requirements as indicated in #1-4 above
  • Complete twelve (12) of the twenty-one (21) major basic coursework requirement hours at MU.
  • Complete Traditions and Methodology courses prior to the Capstone Course.
  • Select from an approved Black Studies track (Black Politics, Arts, Literature, and Culture, and Diaspora Studies) for the Capstone Requirement.


BA in Interdisciplinary with Emphasis in Black Studies