Earning a Minor in Black Studies

Minor Requirements

If you have questions regarding the Black Studies minor or are interested in declaring the minor, please contact Kibby Smith, Academic Advisor, at smithkib@missouri.edu.  

To receive a minor in Black Studies an undergraduate student must complete a minimum of 15 hours of required coursework including the following:

  • BLSTU 1000 Introduction to Black Studies
  • Twelve (12) credit hours spread across four areas of concentration, with three (3) hours in each of the following (see below for courses taught in each area of concentration):
    1. Black Politics
    2. Arts, Literature, and Culture
    3. Africa and African Diaspora Studies
    4. Gender, Race, Sexuality, and Class

At least two (2) of the above area studies courses must be 2000-level or above and one (1) of the above area studies courses must be 3000-level or above.

Minor Policies

  • A minimum of fifteen (15) credits are required to complete the minor.
  • A minimum of nine (9) hours must be completed at MU.
  • A minimum of six (6) credits are required at the 2000 level.
  • A minimum of three (3) credits are required at the 3000 level.
  • All required minor coursework must be completed with a grade of C- or higher.
  • A minimum minor GPA of 2.0 is required to earn the minor.
  • A minor must be completed and awarded at the same time as the MU undergraduate degree.
  • Complete the minor form with the department advisor. Then turn the form into the A&S Advisement Center, 107 Lowry Hall for final approval.
  • You cannot use the same coursework for multiple A&S minors.
  • Minor coursework cannot also be used in Foreign Language Alternative.
  • Once an A&S minor is awarded, a student cannot return to MU to complete a major in the same department.


For a list of courses currently being taught please visit our page Current Courses in Black Studies.

For a list of all Black Studies courses, please visit the Registrar's Black Studies Course Offerings page.

Please consult with our advisor, Kibby Smith, or our Director of Undergraduate Studies before making a plan for your minor.