Mizzou New Play Series: Black Lives Matter themed plays

Virtual Event

For tickets to the online performances ($10 for the entire two-hour set of performances), see the Theatre Department event page.

Synopses of the short plays featured in this matinee:

DWB: Pandemic Edition by Zahria Moore directed by Averey Campbell

SYNOPSIS: DWB: Pandemic Edition is a Zoom Comedy concerning the conflicts of Dating While Black during a Pandemic. Nia is new to dating, but in this play, she is determined to get a swipe right by any means necessary!


NIA      Black/African American Woman; later 20s; New to Dating, Virtual Dating (Especially)

MOONLIGHT   Black Man; Virtual Date; Mysterious and doesn’t use his real name on the dating profile

DEVON   Pronounced DeVonne; Black Man; Virtual Date; swiped right because of his chain

TYLER   Black Man; Business Man (Business Unknown); older; Virtual Date; definitely didn’t lose his job during the pandemic; not into virtual dates; and still parties during the pandemic

NICK   White Man; Virtual Date; don’t know where he works; no chain; Liberal; and average build

TOM   Asian Man; Virtual Date; Grad Student; likes brunch and 90s Rap music; basically a match

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The Best Lie I Ever Told by Irene Gasarah directed by Josh Saboorizadeh 

SYNOPSIS: Nigerian Drag Queen Mildred shares her vlog – post-mortem

CHARACTERS:  MILDRED – Nigerian Drag Queen

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Fateful Creek by Lewis Shilane directed by Chloe Oliphant

SYNOPSIS: The creek is rising, and is about to flood the home of an elderly white woman, when a young black woman appears at her door.  This brings back a terrible memory of a day in her childhood. 


DIANA - black female, 28

AGNES - white female, 90; has difficulty walking, possibly uses cane or walker

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Dalliances by Douglas Dubois-Card Sebamala directed by Dennis Yueh-Yeh Li 

SYNOPSIS:  At the prime of his youth, 29-year-old MATAYO returns to a conservative world in Uganda after 5 years of debauchery and libertarian living at college in New York.  His return home welcomes him with ailments from HIV acquired while at college, and with it, regrets, mental health issues, and a thirst for vengeance.  Dalliances fuses multimedia projections, music, agile emotive dance and moement.  The plot explores tales of love, regret and desire, written to strike empathy and evoke advocacy for people living with HIV/AIDS. An adaptation of the play screened at the International AIDS Conference, AIDS 2020 (Virtual) Global Village.







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#MizzouMade by Zahria Moore directed by Averey Campbell

SYNOPSIS#MizzouMade is a One Act Play/Solo Performance about my freshman year at the University of Missouri during the Fall 2015 Protests. Travel with me back to my freshmen year dorm room, to see what I learned, what I gained, and how Mizzou Made me.

CHARACTERS:   ZAHRIA MOORE, African-American college freshman

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What Same Sex Marriage Means to Me by Andy Black directed by Joseph Lass

SYNOPSIS: Andy Black explores the nature of Same Sex Marriage