Mizzou New Play Series: I'll Be Seeing You, by Abby Land

Virtual Event

The Mizzou New Play Series, livestreaming from the MU Theatre Department, will have several performances dedicated to the theme of “Black Lives Matter” in its broadest sense.  

I’LL BE SEEING YOU by Abby Land , directed by Anthony Blatter

A Full-Length Play


Lewis is about to begin building a life of his own. He’s got a new job, he’s moving to a new city, and he’s about to marry the love of his life, Ruth. But when his fiancé voices her desire to join the civil rights protests, Lewis’ past threatens to ruin his future. When Lewis uses the blueprints from a broken house, is he destined to build another broken home?


Lewis Walker: Black man who always does the best with what he’s got. Early 20s

Ruth Lawrence: A lively, passionate, opinionated black woman. Lewis’ fiancé. Early 20s

Daddy (James Walker): Black man, 28 years old. A charming combination of lively and tired.

Momma (Gloria Walker): Black woman, 27 years old/42 years old. A shy looking woman who smiles with her mouth closed.

Marry Miller: Black woman, early 20s. Extremely protective of her younger sister.

Jameson Walker: 12 years old. Black boy, large birthmark covers about a fourth of the right side of his face, a little darker than the rest.

Voice: Male Radio Announcer has a grainy quality/man’s voice

To purchase tickets to the livestream ($10), visit the Mizzou New Play Series page.