Adjunct Instructor of Black Studies
315 Gentry Hall

Elizabeth Kaganda-Jackson is a professional with a flair for multi-tasking and advancing positive relationships with stakeholders. She comes from a legal background that combines her passion for teaching, conflict management, and helping vulnerable populations. She is equipped with transferable skills acquired over 10 years of working as a Head of Legal Affairs; a member of two Boards, and a Prosecuting Attorney in Tanzania. 

Elizabeth also has a heart for community service, demonstrated by her support of victims of crimes through a National Nonprofit organization. 

Elizabeth has provided services and facilitated the interpretation and demystification of English written laws, guidelines, and regulations for Swahili speakers needing to access justice. 

She is a Black Studies Instructor who hopes that through teaching, she can share her rich African cultural experience with students pursuing different programs at the University of Missouri, which shall serve as an asset in their academic and cross-cultural endeavors.

She holds a Bachelor of Laws, a Master of Arts in Sociology and Criminal Justice, and a Master of Laws in Alternative Dispute Resolution.