Christian Rozier

Christian Rozier
Assistant Professor of Film Studies and Digital Storytelling
222 Tate Hall

Christian Rozier began his career as a music video and commercial director, producing broadcast videos for politically engaged artists locally and internationally. His documentary film credits include Among The Trees, a world tour feature film that follows the seminal hip-hop group Arrested Development throughout Asia and Europe, and Life In The Age Of Excess, a documentary about an emerging barter economy movement in Los Angeles. Christian is also one of the featured filmmakers in the United Nations sponsored global film One Day On Earth and a screenwriter of the 2013 feature film Lineage.  He has produced documentary film series in Senegal and in Southeast Asia, and his documentary Racing The Past has won awards at numerous festivals.

Christian’s commitment to equitable access to film education has led him to the stewardship of numerous media arts programs and institutions, including a film and visual storytelling program for underserved youth funded by HBO in Los Angeles, programs in native communities, and with groups across the country.  In both the film production and media education realms, his work is designed to demonstrate and celebrate the empowerment that results from an inclusive and participatory production approach that removes the traditional boundaries between subject and maker.